Wesley Chapel and Tampa Bay buying process

  1. Selecting Your Realtor

    Top qualities you are looking for in your next Realtor are knowledge of the local market, knowledge in the local buying process, assist with arranging financing, honesty and integrity, and communication skills.
    The agent helps the buyer understand the process, point out features, negotiate better sales contract terms and also provide a better list of real estate service providers that may be needed during the process and so much more.
  2. Get Pre-Qualified

    We recommend getting your finances in order by getting pre-qualified or pre-approved to purchase whether it’s your first home purchase or 10th.

    3 Reasons to get the pre-qualification letter

    1. After the loan officer reviews your credit, assets, and obligations the two of you come up with a home price that not only meets your personal housing budget but you can afford. This offers you and your real estate agent a comfort level that you are searching and viewing homes that are potentially your future home.
    2. The pre-qualification letter or pre-approval letter, both are not the same and one offers more sustancial weight because the latter means that the lender has reviewed critical documents like W-2’s, Tax Returns, Credit Reports, Asset statements and Employment Verifications. In our local real estate market it’s becoming more of a given that the pre qualification letter will accompany the purchase offer as it gives it additional seriousness and weight during the review period.
    3. The pre-qualification process will often set the timeline for your future purchase. If you are thinking about one day purchasing this is one the effective way to get the answer as to when and how can I prepare financially based on my current financial picture. Good lenders will review and offer good healthy credit advice and specific plans for you to follow. At the indicated time you call them back once you have completed the series of corrections or tasks, before you know it you are closer to home-ownership.
  3. Start Viewing Properties

    So you just got Ready with a pre-qualification letter in hand and now it’s Go! This is the fun and emotional part of buying real estate. Whether it's your primary home or its an investment property we all feel the excitement of imagining owning that particular property.
  4. Making A Winning Offer

    After searching and viewing one or multiple properties, you find the one that meets most of your wish list items, maybe not exactly all but most. All of a sudden you start to worry how much to offer, if the seller will take your offer? This is when you really need a professional Realtor not only on your side but taking the lead.
    This may be your first rodeo but it’s not ours, this is where you want Realtor with knowledge and expertise on preparing your offer. We quickly prepare a comparable analysis with the latest sales within 1 mile radios with properties closest to the one you are making an offer, why so as not to over pay yet appeal to the seller for acceptance.
    After the offer and all its disclosures have been reviewed and signed by all buyers, the agent should deliver it in a timely manner and with diplomacy. Why diplomacy because we never know if it’s accepted at first or negotiations are required and you set the tone from the beginning. Once the buyer and seller agree the effective transaction begins involving the bank and title company.
  5. Closing Day

    It’s kind of like magic, sitting at the title company conference table signing your loan and title. The main objective once the buyer is effectively under contract is to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible and that they are well informed during the nail biting process and what to anticipate next to help relieve the stress levels.
    Your Realtor should be proactive and have a handle of all the moving parts and a checklist to meet deadlines, in order to achieve the optimal goal of getting you to the closing table with a smile. that's where you need to be working with a professional Realtor with years of experience in closing with cash, FHA, VA, and Conventional loans as all of these have different requirements and guidelines to be aware.
    You should count on your Realtor before, during and after you receive the keys. We strive to be your Real Estate Company for life.