You want a professional Realtor that will guide you through each step If you are wondering how much it will cost you. The listing agent pays out of pocket for upfront marketing printed materials, professional photographs and MLS data inputs. In almost all cases Commission Fees are paid out of the seller’s side of closing costs at closing, so go ahead and lean on the agent to make the whole selling process as stress free and streamlined as possible.

Selecting The Right Agent

Top qualities you are looking for in your Listing Agent are knowledge of the local market, knowledge in the local selling process, ask what is the marketing plan, honesty and integrity, and communication skills.

The agent educates the seller with the current comparable pricing and local market trends, points out staging ideas or de-cluttering options for best results, negotiates sales contract terms and also provides a list of real estate service providers that may be needed during the process and so much more.

Market Price

The beauty of Real Estate buying and selling is that it’s the market that sets the price. The sooner the parties involved are on board with the concept, the sooner the property has a chance to sell.

Once the price has been agreed in arm’s-length transaction then you really have reached the best market price as it’s the highest price the buyer was willing to pay and the lowest price the seller was willing to accept.

Your Agent will prepare a comparative market analysis based on similar homes that recently Sold in the area generally 1 mile radius. This is not the same as an appraisal, those are done by a licensed appraiser often required by the buyers lender during the loan process. Your agent will ask you for your price suggestions and after reviewing the data you the seller will decide where to start the price.


Much of the property marketing campaign rests on the consumer’s ability to find your property online… and to find it with the right information. We have a successful 8 week marketing plan which includes:

  • professional photographs
  • uploading an accurate property profile on the MLS that directly feeds over 80 real estate websites including Zillow and
  • schedule open houses
  • showcasing and promoting your listing on Facebook and Instagram

We are well connected and will creatively promote your listing to other agents for best price and optimal exposure.

The Art Of Negotiation

A smart professional buyers agent will set the right tone at the time of delivering the offer. The listing agent will then thoroughly review all the terms with the seller, by doing so we can almost get into their mind set as to what seems to be most important to the buyer.

If the price is close to the listed they may need closing cost credits that affect the seller’s net or maybe it’s all about the price and no little contingencies. Rare to have 2 exact same offers in a multiple offer situation, so one may offer better terms and just might be more agreeable to the seller then the others.

Buyer’s and Seller’s emotions are racing at this time, but this is why it’s so important to have a professional removing the emotions in the equation and focus on the transaction at hand. This is the beginning, negotiations as we know it continues throughout the transaction during Inspection periods, loan processes and to closing. At the end a great deal results in a win-win for both parties and to have a successful closing.

Closing Day

It would be nice to say the difficult part is over but once under contract there are a myriad of details, deadlines, reports such as home inspection and appraisal reports to pass. Tremendous follow up and coordinating with title company and mortgage company are required to be ahead and better prepared to tackle potential obstacles along the process.

Our job is to take care of the details, our end goal is provide you with a smooth and positive closing experience so that you feel great about trusting our Real Estate Services to your family and friends.